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Breakthrough Solutions provides a practical way to identify and confront life’s issues by developing coping skills, problem solving, and character building techniques to foster a positive mindset, strong willpower, and emotional stability to achieve positive mental health.

Year round development is provided through counseling, workshops, and seminars tailored to prepare individuals to aim high despite adversity, by offering empowering tools to bridge the gap between sound intentions and appropriate actions.

About Me

Lawrence Lovell is the founder of Breakthrough Solutions. Lawrence is a NYC based licensed mental health counselor who specializes in consulting, counseling, and educational services for children, young adults and adults.

He received his bachelors in business management and economics as well as his master’s degree in human resource management from Stony Brook University. He also received a master’s in mental health counseling at Touro College.

His mission is to empower individuals with diverse needs to harness their wellness toolbox to achieve meaningful goals and purpose, by providing a surprising peace of mind for clients in both individual and group counseling settings. Lawrence enjoys helping clients tackle difficult past histories and topics such as: coping with anxiety, dealing with anger, and overcoming depression. 


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“Helping others to

prepare effectively,

develop continually, and

move confidently.”

– Lawrence Lovell

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