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“Lawrence’s Anger seminar at St. Johns University was one of the best seminars I’ve been to. Lawrence taught us so much about how to control our anger and open up about what we can do when we get angry. You could honestly see the passion for his job through his words and by his examples of keeping relationships strong. One example would be stretching bands that could break or come back together depending on how far you pull them to reflect how anger can affect relationships! I highly recommend his seminars to anyone who has struggled with anger.”

– Breanna Moreno, Student, St. John’s University

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“Lawrence exudes professionalism with a seamless relatability that makes it so easy for our young people at Safe Horizon to receive his message. Being a program that works with young people who are unstably housed and homeless, mental health is something that is rarely touched upon. Lawrence’s approach to the work was very much practical to the needs of our young people and gave them tangible skills to manage anger, stress and their communication skills.”

– Sebastien Vante, Safe Horizon

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“I learned so many fantastic techniques that can be practiced in everyday life. One of them , which has had the biggest impact on me was to acknowledge that you’re angry and then in a clear mindset, develop a decision to express your anger with a positive response. One thing Lawrence pointed out was “don’t let your anger make you do something that you will regret.” Therefore, for myself I get angry and try to hide my emotions till I explode, which causes an action that I will usually regret. Now I acknowledge the “why?” I am angry , cool off, and then analyze the situation, which I did not realize this was a problem until Lawrence pointed it out. Reflecting on his lecture helped me see my mistake of how I handle anger, and now practicing his techniques I see an improvement in my personal life when I am confronted with anger.

Again, thank you for the amazing lecture! I truly keep my notes in sacred place! Hope to see you soon on the St. John’s Campus!”

– Kimberly Balderas, Peer Mentor, St. John’s University

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“Thank you so much for agreeing to be our key note speaker at our very first Graduation Ceremony. This gives you a special place in the Riverdale Avenue Community family! We appreciate your time and dedication to our students!”

– Meghan Dunn, Principal, PS 446

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“Lawrence Lovell is a dedicated, passionate, and charismatic leader who has proven time and time again how important mental health is. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning so much from Lawrence and his many experiences that have brought him to where he is now. He is someone who I believe is making a great difference that we, in this day and age, need very much. His commitment to people and their well-being is more than evident, and I know that firestarter within him will ignite the change needed to guide us to a place of mental stability and self-love.”

– Lynnsie Augustin, Brooklyn Public Library

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“My favorite part of the Anger Workshop is how interactive it is. It’s not set up like  a lecture hall, Lawrence gives participants the opportunity to share personal experiences and  examples of how we each  deal with anger. Also hearing other people talk about how they experience and cope with anger really helped to normalize our experiences.  He has a unique ability to really energize a group through a  very practical, informative, and interactive workshop. Lawrence is very relatable, engaging and informative! I learned so many techniques that I will apply to my life and share. Lawrence’s facilitating skills are amazing. It was a dope workshop! No Brochure talk!”

– Kalvin Wilson, Anger Workshop Participant 

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“I’m so thankful that Mr. Lovell spoke at our Organization and Administration class at Stony Brook University. I have a past athlete who has become a good friend of mine who is going through a hard time and I have asked them before if they have thought about suicide. Sometimes I don’t handle the situation with them the best that I can and I lose my patience with their constant negativity, but I appreciate the advice you gave to us that day as I learned how to better handle the situation. Throughout your talk I was thinking about them and I just want to say thank you.”

– Student, Athletic Training Program, Stony Brook University

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“He is one of the most driven, dedicated, honest and compassionate people to cross my path. He has a phenomenal track record when it comes to accomplishing any goal that he sets his intentions on. Not just because of his exceptional work ethic but his devotion to making our community a better place for the future leaders of tomorrow.

I have known Lawrence for over ten years. He has always been the person to motivate and inspire anyone who has had the honor to be in his presence. He is an agent of change and a modernized clinician who’s in touch with the needs of our community. He has a unique skill set that allows him to take experience and creatively turn theory into practice. I am beyond confident his clients are in the right hands. Lawrence is committed to making our community a better place for the future leaders of tomorrow.”

– Nadia Edwards, Juvenile Justice Advocate

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“Being Stony Brook’s Athletic Training Program’s  last guest lecturer of the semester, I can say Lawrence Lovell was the best one. Mental health is a large part of athletic training. We take it for granted because it seems we focus on so much orthopedically, that we forget about the mental health of our student athletes and how it affects the overall environment. I appreciate Lawrence taking the trek back to visit and speak at his alma mater. Thank you!”

– Marissa Eng, Athletic Training Program Student, Stony Brook University

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“Lawrence is a member of the Young Men of Character mentors program and he is a strong confident young man who knows where he’s going and how he’s gonna make a great impact! With a smooth and positive attitude, he’ll be an asset to any endeavor he chooses to be a part of, and a winner on any winning team!”

– Toney Lee,  CEO of TSRI Music Media

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“I have had the privilege of working with and being in partnership with Lawrence for several years. It has been an honor to work with and to be associated with him. The driving force behind his high level of effectiveness is his passion and desire to see others progress and to overcome their current circumstance or situation. It is with supreme confidence and commitment that choosing to work with and to partner with Lawrence will make a significant and positive impact on achieving one’s goal, objective or mission.”

– Greg Jones, Sr., Young Men of Character

Quotes for Breakthrough Solutions

“I am one among many who hope that Lawrence Lovell would increase in influence and reach with his message for young people, especially young men. That Lawrence embodies the principles and commitment he teaches is an understatement; that much is obvious from the first impression one receives when meeting him and continues to be reinforced with every subsequent interaction, no matter how strenuous.

I am immensely grateful for his work with my mentee, as is his mother. It is something truly remarkable to have the confidence and appreciation for his character and abilities such that I can let Lawrence work with him and know that he is receiving pure gold in what he teaches him.

My admiration of his many talents and respect for his noble character increase the more we work together. I have also witnessed how his ability to draw upon professional resources and compelling personal experience makes him uniquely qualified to communicate effectively with young people. I hope to see Lawrence’s platform expand to give much greater voice to a true leader worthy of emulation.”

– Michael Elmer, Tutor, Mentor

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