Breakthrough Workshops

Workshops are provided in a group setting to tackle specific issues that can affect mental health, with purposeful training, interactive dialogue, and engaging activities. 

Who is this for?

Each workshop is customized. Personal development workshops benefit individuals, parents, students, athletes and families.  

Professional development workshops benefit educators, coaches, employers, and professionals.

What topics are discussed?

Workshops cover topics such as communication, anger, resilience, relationships, anxiety, and more.

To learn more about a specific workshop and how I can best service you, your students, your family, or your organization, contact me!

Detailed Approaches

Application Readiness

Increase Self-Awareness

Develop Poise

Build Unconditional Confidence

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Breakthrough Personal Development

Mental Health Wellness 101

The Mental Health Wellness 101 Workshop breaks the stigma and introduces participants to mental health education in a practical and interactive way. Attendees are taught how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness in themselves, peers, and family. They also learn how to identify and express their emotions effectively to respond to everyday issues.

Anger Workshop

The Anger Workshop focuses on providing a dynamic experience to understand anger, healthy and unhealthy responses to anger, the personal dangers of anger, and intervention on how to prepare for and handle the moment of anger. Participants learn practical action steps on how to develop continually and move confidently knowing what they can do to manage anger throughout their life.

Mental Health and Mentoring Workshop Series

The Mental Health & Mentoring Workshop series is comprised of ten sessions designed to introduce students to mental health education via mentorship to address expected and unexpected interruptions in their lives.Through interactive activities and engaging conversations, students will explore the different areas of wellness and learn to keep balanced despite multiple priorities.

Workshop in New York City

The Build-A-Man series is an interactive, character based workshop series filled with hands on activities, powerful discussions, and supplemental worksheets. The workshops address typical issues that young men face with communication, anger, conflict resolution, relationships, and more.

Breakthrough Professional Development

Mental Health in the Workplace

The Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop assists professionals in their respected fields to maintain positive mental health by discovering the key aspects of self care. Participants learn how to recognize signs and symptoms as well as develop tools to support those they work with effectively.

The Truth About Anger Training helps professionals navigate issues in the midst of frustration and anger in the workplace by providing information and activities to gain self-awareness and efficacy when working with colleagues, students, and athletes. Professionals will learn how to navigate their feelings and those they work with leading up to difficult and challenging situations as well as learn how to handle moments of anger more effectively.


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